18″ Guillotine paper cutter

18″ Guillotine paper cutter

.Cutting Size: 18″ x 15″

.Cutting Capacity: Approx 15 sheets (70g)

.Indicator include 18″,15″,12″,10″,9″

.Auto-paper pressing bar,accurate and safe

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18″ Guillotine paper cutter

.Material: Steel and plastic

.Color: black and white

.Cutting Size: 18″ x 15″

.Cutting Capacity: 15 sheets (70g)

.Use for home and office paper cutting

Using Notice:

1)Put the trimmer on a firm,solid surface before using.

2)Adjust paper to desired position with magnetic clamp on the base of the trimmer.

3)Hold the paper on the base with you hand

4)Press the blade down firmly until it stops.

5)Lock the blade to the safety locking device when the trimmer not working

TT Laminating have supplied paper cutter for many years with great success due to their reliability and quality. Why not give us a try!

Packing Details

18" Guillotine paper cutter

Size: 660mm x 396mm x 50mm

Packing Size: 700mm x 670mm x 430mm

Packing Quantity: 4 sets

Net Weight: 21.6 kg

Gross Weight: 24 kg

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