Velobind Binding strips 50mm

Velobind Binding Strips

Size: 50mm x A4

Pin Length: 50mm

Spine Lengeth: A4

Pin number: 10

Packing: 100pcs / box

Binding capacity: around 400 sheets

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Velobind Binding Strips

1)Available in three colos: White, Navy blue & Black

2)Materials: PVC

3)Using with hot knife velobind system

4)Spine Length available in A4

5)Pin Length available in 25mm, 50mm & 75mm

6)Packing: 100pcs

The VeloBind / SureBind strip binding system is often used in the legal profession because of the security of the locking mechanism of the strips.  Though VeloBinding is intended to be permanent, the binding can be carefully removed using a utility knife or the special cutting tool included with the binding machine.


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