Sticky Back Laminating Pouches

Variety聽size聽Sticky Back laminating pouches can be offered. Size from聽A5 (154mm x 216mm) to Menu (305mm x 458mm). Thickness from 75mic to 250mic. Custom size and thickness available upon request. In the market, A4, A3, Letter, Legal and Menu are most popular size.

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A5154mm x 216mm
A4216mm x 303mm
A3303mm x 426mm
Letter229mm x 293mm
Small Menu293mm x 445mm


Laminating Pouches can be used in schools, office, shops and many more situations. It can protect your documents and images from humidity, dirt, oil, dust and everyday wear and tear. Variety size can be afforded from credit card (54mm x 86mm) to A2 size (426mm x 600mm). Thickness available from 50mic to 250mic. Custom size and thickness available upon request.


Our laminating pouches work great with all kinds pouch laminator, Just like GBC, Fellowes and other popular laminators. Laminating is a quick and simple way to give all documents a professional finish. Round corners can ensure safe handling.


Packing Details:

Usually we put 100pcs/pack, But we also can supply 25pcs/pack, 40pcs/pack, 50pcs/pack and 80pcs/pack.

Regarding packing box, we can supply White box, OEM color box, corrugated box and plastic bag.

Customer can choose the packing quantity and packing box according to your requirement.


Laminating pouches also called聽Laminierfolien,聽pochettes 脿 plastifier,聽lamineerhoezen,聽fundas para plastificar,聽Bolsa para Plastificar,聽pellicole per plastificatrici, Laminointimuovi and聽laminovac铆 ob谩lky in some other country.

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