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About WuXi Running Lamination and Binding

Who we are?

We are professional manufacturer of laminating pouches and film in china. Our products already selled to many counrty. USA, Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, France and Korea is our main market. Except producing laminating pouches and film, we also sell some related binding and ID supplies since we are familiar with all these items. WuXi Running will be your #1 source for affordable laminating and binding consumables in china.

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What we do?

Service is our priority: Our friendly and professional team ensures that your order will be processed quickly and accurately. We are pleased to help you to determine which item is best for your needs. We are easily can be contacted by email and mobile phone.

Competitive Price: We are manufacurer so we can offer you most cheap price with premimum quality.

Fast Delivery: Laminating pouches and film order can be finished around 20 days after confirming. Binding supplies, ID supplies order can be finished around 30 days after confirming. All machine order will be finished around 35 days after confirmation.

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Why choose us?

Our clients have come to appreciate our vast knowledge and expertise in the laminating and binding industry as well as our unbeatable best pricing on high quality laminating and binding systems and supplies. Please take advantage of our knowledge and leading best pricing when it comes to ordering your laminating and binding machines and supplies.

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