About Us

About Us

WuXi Running is a leading supplier of laminating pouch film in China. Besides producing laminating pouches, we also sell some Laminating and Binding supplies. We spent our time on developing new innovative laminating and binding solutions to make our customers can get highest quality products at the best possible price.

To insure quick delivery service, Our warehouse usually stock plenty raw materials and semi-finished product. Usually order will be shipped whithin 24 days. 

We have a good Sales and Customer Service Teams in the industry. If any question, you can contact us. We will give you prompt reply in short time.

We stand behind all our products and guarantee your satisfaction.

For sales, technical support or customer service, email us at [email protected]

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WuXi Running Laminating and Binding consumables Co.,Ltd was established.  We focus on producing and selling laminating pouches.


WuXi Running amalgamated with WuXI JiWen. WuXi Running operating as a devision of WuXi JiWen. Our main business is laminating pouches, Laminating film and Binding Supplies.


We bulid one clean room to improve products quality.We total have three production facilities. Also, we have six coating lines and thirteen auto-cutting machine. Our max production is around twenty six containers every month.